Flexiliner 2x2m 15yr - Free Underlay FL020X020-15F

This super-strong pond liner from PondXpert is manufactured out of LDPE. It is tough and tearproof and resistant to UV rays. Despite being so durable it is very flexible and easy to fold into corners if you are considering an intricate pond design. More »

EasyPond 7000 Pond Pump & Filter Set

A step up on the smaller EasyPond Sets - this system includes the larger PondXpert EasyFilter 9000 pressure filter. More »

Hozelock Aquaforce 6000 Pond Pumps - Free Hose & Clips

Popular Pond Pumps from a top UK brand Now with FREE 40mm Hose (5m) and clips. The Aquaforce 6000 is perfect as a waterfall or filter pump for garden ponds. More »


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PondXpert Multi-Chamber – Blue Japanese Matting (440 X 230 X 40mm)


This “Jap Matt” is a replacemt product for the PondXpert MultiChamber range of koi filters. Supplied in a popular size it can be cut down to fit any filter.

Hozelock Ecopower 4000 (8watt) NEW


One of the UK’s bestselling pond filters just got a whole lot better! The new Ecopower 4000 boasts a powerful 8w UVC and a floating bed of K3 media.The floating bed of biomedia ensures biological filtration while a set of

Hozelock Ecopower 6000 Pond Filter NEW


The Hozelock Ecopower (previously Ecomax) has been a popular filter for over 20 years. This long heritage proves what good qualities it has always provided. Now the engineers at Hozelock have taken this box filter to the next level with

Hozelock Ecopower 10000 Pond Filter NEW


The Ecopower has been a customer favourite for many years. Now it has been improved by the addition of K3 media, replacing the static flocor used previously.

PondXpert MultiChamber CLEANING TOOL – NEW


This accessory has been designed to expertly grip the filter sponges found in the pondXpert MultiChamber filters – then squeeze to release the dirty water from the sponge.

Oase Proficlear Premium Drum Filter PUMP FED


This extra large filter can handle a fish pond with 100,000 litres of water or a koi pond of 45,000 litres. Please note that this version is designed to be fed straight from a pond pump (A gravity/ bottom drain

Oase Proficlear Premium Drum Filter – GRAVITY FED


The Oase Proficlear Drum offers the very latest features in pond filtration. Dirty water enters the drum chamber – the clean water is span out – the dirt collects on the drum mesh screen. To prevent clogging a sensor cleverly

Oase Proficlear Moving Bed Module – For Use With Drum Filter


This module attaches to the Oase Drum filter and provides a massive area of biomedia circulation. Attachment of an air-pump to agitate the biomedia increase the speed of the necessary biological breakdown.

Oase Proficlear Individual Module – For Use With DRUM Filter


This Chamber connects on to the Oase Drum Filter to ensure that all of your pond system parts are kept together neatly in one place.

Lotus Green to Clean 3000 Pond Filter


The Lotus Green2Clean is an effective pond filter with built-in UVC to stop your water going green. As the title suggests this filter is capable of handling 3000 litres of water – with fish in the pond it is more

Lotus Green to Clean 6000 Pond Filter


The Lotus Green2Clean 6000 (previously Oasis Green2Clean 6000) is one of our best selling pond filters. Without fish it can keep 6000 litres of pond water clean and healthy. If you are lloking to keep goldfish then the filter will

Lotus Green to Clean 12000 Pond Filter


The Lotus Green2Clean has always been our top-selling box filter. This 12000 model promises clear healthy water for large ponds up to 12000 Litres (6000 litres with fish).

Lotus Green to Clean 18000 Pond Filter


Clear healthy water for large ponds up to 18000 Litres (4000 gallons). If keeping fish in your pond then this filter will support up to 12000 litres of water. For a very competitive price this filter offers a very generous

Lotus Green to Clean 24000 Pond Filter


The Green2Clean 24000 offers tremendous value for money for those pondkeepers wanting to look after a medium/large pond. This filter can keep a pond volume of 24,000 litres clean and healthy. If keeping goldfish then the capacity is reduced to

Lotus Green to Clean 30,000 Pond Filter


The Lotus Green2Clean has always been a popular choice for our customers with bigger ponds. It offers clear healthy water for large ponds up to 30000 Litres (6600 gallons). This capacity reduces if you keep a decent amount of fish

Lotus Green to Clean 48000 Pond Filter


If you want to keep a large pond clean and healthy then this pond filter must surely be on your list. For a highly reasonable price you get a pond filter that can handle 48,000 litres of water. Keeping a

Filter Foam Sets 17×11


3 profiled reticulated foam sheets: 1 x Coarse 1 x Medium 1 x Fine Your sponge filter media inside your pond filter will deteriorate over time – this is natural as the filter sponges get clogged with dirt and debris.

Filter Foam Sets 25×18


Pack consists of three profiled reticulated foam sheets: 1 x Coarse for catching larger pieces of debris 1 x Medium for collection of smaller waste 1 x Fine pores to collect the smallest pieces of waste

Filter Foams Triple Pack – 43×21


Super quality thick foam sheets to replace your filter foams whne they get blocked, worn and dirty.Pack consists of 3 profiled reticulated foam sheets: – 1 x Coarse – 1 x Medium – 1 x Fine It is usual to

Lotus Clear Pond 18 Multi-Stage Pond Filters


Our most adavanced flow-through pond filter with an advanced 7 stage filter process, high power UVC and quick action de-sludge. At last we have found a box pond filter to satisfy the more discerning goldfish pondkeeper. This box is even