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Hozelock Universal Flow Regulator

This sturdy piece of pond equipment can be used to regulate the flow of water from your pond pump. Simply turn the tap to lower the maximum flow.

40mm Diameter Hose 25m length

Spiral strong hose, strong, flexible and the best around.

32mm Dia Hose 30m length

25mm Dia.Hose 30m length

20mm Dia. Hose 50m length

12mm Dia.Hose 50m length

Bioforce Foam 1100

Hozelock 32mm Threaded Hosetail

Fits into threaded inlet on OASE waterfalls allowing easy hose connection

Hozelock 40mm Threaded Hosetail

20mm Dia. Hose 5m length

Hozelock 20mm Threaded Hosetail

Bioforce Foam 2200

Bioforce Foam 4500

Fully Adjustable ‘Y’ Piece with Flow Regulators

A highly useful piece of equipment. This heavy duty ‘Y’ piece allows you to split high levels of water flow. For instance to switch off a powerful waterfall at night whilst maintaining pond circulation. The two fully adjustable outlets come with hosetails that can accept hose from one inch (25mm) to 1 and a half

Large T Piece 1 1/2 Inch

Use to split water flow. This heavy duty T piece contains 2 hosetails which accept hose size 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch (40mm to 20mm).

Oase Universal Union Connector

Useful connector that can join two hoses together. Either the same size hose or it can act as a reducer.

Oase Flow Regulator 40mm

Control the power of your water flow with this in-line regulator. This flow regulator has a universal hosetail to take any size hose between 25 to 40mm (onec inch to inch an a half). Simply turn the sturdy handle to restrict the flow as necessary.

Hozelock Flow Regulator 25mm

This in-line tap joins two pieces of hose and allows the flow of water to be reduced as necessary.

Nishikoi Universal Y Piece Connector

The total solution to pond plumbing headaches. Allows one flow of water to be split into two with minimum friction loss.

12mm Dia.Hose 5m length