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PondXpert Heavy Duty Pond Net

Many customers of ours have large ponds and struggle to reach into the middle without donning waders. This product will be a godsend to such pondkeepers. This super-sturdy net has a reach of 3 metres (10 feet) and it’s strong telescopic pole can take exceptional punishment.

Tensor Solar Animal Repeller – Featuring Noise And LED Light

This gadget seems to have everything we have been looking for in our ongoing battle against the deadly heron. It is solar powered so can be placed anywhere – if a heron is detected within thirty feet it can flash, scream and set off a high frequency scarer. Watch out herons we’re coming for you!

Apollo Pop-Up Bin

Handy bag to hold waste when maintaing your pond.

Bermuda Pond Gloves

These super-tough pond gloves will protect your clothes when working in and around your pond. They have been designed specifically for water gardening work.

PondXpert Pond Skimmer Net

This Skimmer Net is an essential piece of kit for all pondkeepers. Keep it handy pondside and it can be used to fish out and piece of rubbish, leaves or debris that enters the pond. It’s mighty 2.2m (7′ 2″) telescopic reach provides you with a great amount of coverage.

PondXpert Pond Net – Catching Type

Every pondkeeper needs a pond net! This handy tool can be used to fish out debris, fish, even pond equipment such as pumps! it is a large net with a 2.2m telescopic reach yet it folds down and collapses for easy storage.

Oase Aquaskim 40 – Skimmer

Simply attach this skimmer to a solids-handling pump (The Aquamax Eco’s or Hozelock Aquaforces 600+are ideal) and it will pull in debris from the surface of your pond.Save yourself a messy and time-consuming job. This Skimmer will pull any pond surface debris (eg, blossom or leaves) into it’s cage where it can be conveniently collected

Velda Pond Liner Brush

We tested this item on our own pond and it really worked. The stiff adjustable brush with quality handle is ideal for brushing off any stubborn algae that may collect on the exposed sides of your liner.

Heron Pond Deterrent

Herons are territorial creatures so installing this replica should help you void visits from the real thing!

Triple Function Pond Net

What versatile product!!! It’s a skimmer net (for fallen leaves & surface debris) It’s a tough brush (ideal for keeping waterfalls and liner clean) It’s a deep catching net (ideal for fish). Pack contains 3 great interchangeable heads and 1 sturdy telescopic 1.2m pole. This is the only net your pond will ever need. The

PondXpert Pond Skimmer – Pump Attachment

The PondXpert Pond Skimmer is designed to be attached to a pond pump – the combined unit then sucks in debris from the surface of your pond with the waste collecting in an easy-empty collection basket.

Oase Aquaskim 20 Pond Skimmer

Designed for use with Oase Aquamax Premium Models 4000-8000. Of course it can also be used with other pumps of similar flow rates.

Blagdon Clearview Cover Nets 6x4m

Blagdon pond cover nets are the best on the market. The fine netting means you will hardly notice it’s there when it’s stretched over the surface of your pond. pack includes netting and fixing pegs.

Blagdon Clearview Cover Net Black 6x5m

Blagdon cover nets prevent leaves falling into your pond. They are also ideal at protecting your fish from heron or cat attack.

Blagdon Clearview Cover Net Black 10x6m

Cover Nets are designed to cover the surface of your pond to prevent leaves falling into the water. The pond cover nets from blagdon are the best we have seen – the netting is tough but fine meaning it is almost invisible to the eye once in position.

Blagdon Black Clearview Cover Net 3x2m

Pitch this black cover net over the surface of your pond to protect it from leaves and debris falling in. Also works as an effective heron detterent. Strong single strand nylon pond cover netting that is hard to see once in position.

Blagdon Clearview Cover Net Black – 4x3m

These Clearview nets from Blagdon are highly effective at protecting your pond yet difficult to see once in position. They protect your pond from objects such as fallen leaves dropping into your pond. Also cover nets act as an effective pest deterrent.

Blagdon Clearview Cover Net Black 6x3m

Blagdon pond cover nets offer high quality pond protection. By pitching your net over your pond (held in place using the pegs included in the pack) fallen leaves are prevented from settling in your pond. Also the fine netting acts as an effective predator detterent.

Hozelock Pond Grabber

The Hozelock Pond grabber is useful for grabbing hold of items that have fallen into your pond.

Velda Hanging Spinner – Heron Detterrent

This clever item hangs above your pond and moves in the lightest wind. It has an eye that resembles that of a predator and this, plus it’s reflective movement qualities scares away herons from your pond.