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Flexiliner 24x18m 15yr – Free Underlay

This 24x18m is perfect to create a big pond. Manufactured out of Laminated Low Density Polyethylene this lining is guaranteed to remain watertight for a minimum of 15 years.

Flexiliner 30x20m 15yr – Free Underlay

Massive pond liner at a very competitive price. PondXpert are one of the few companies to produce liners this size in a single pre-fabricated sheet. This saves a lot of time and cost compatred to putting the lining together on-site.

Flexiliner 6x5m 15yr – Free Underlay

PondXpert Flexiliner Pond Liners have always been our bestselling waterproof sheets. They are highly reliable and available at a budget price. Now for a limited time we are providing you with the chance to get 30sqm of underlay free when you purchase the liner. Underlay should always be used to prevent root penetration or sharp

Flexiliner 6x6m 15yr – Free Underlay

This is the best deal we have ever offered on pond liners. Autumn is the best time to build a pond because outdoor working conditions are good and the pond gets a chance to establish itself before the spring growing season. We want to encourage as many new ponds to be built as possible and

Flexiliner 7x6m 15yr – Free Underlay

We have never managed to get our liner prices this low ever before – at this price everyone should have a pond! PondXpert Flexiliner Pond Liners are guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years and are a safe bet when considering a lining for your pond. The liner is easy to lay and highly robust

Flexiliner 7.5×7.5m 15yr – Free Underlay

This big pond liner can be used to create a water garden sized 4.5m x 4.5m x 1m deep (15′ x 15′ x 3′ 3″ deep). A large pond like this can hold a maximum of 20,250 litres of water (4460 gallons). One of our rubber liners in these dimensions with underlay would cost upwards

Flexiliner 8x6m 15yr – Free Underlay

Our PondXpert Flexiliner pond liner fly off the shelves and now, in an attempt to get more ponds built during the key autumn building season we are offering our best deal yet! Your Flexiliner will be supplied with a matching amount of PondXpert Basic Underlay (64sqm) giving you a remarkable saving of 42% off our

Flexiliner 8x8m 15yr – Free Underlay

These large pond liners from PondXpert have been proven to stand the test of time. They remain watertight in even the harshest environments and are available at a very low price. now for a limited time only you can purchase this 8x8m liner and receive a matching amount of underlay for free (64sqm).

Flexiliner 2x2m 15yr – Free Underlay

This super-strong pond liner from PondXpert is manufactured out of LDPE. It is tough and tearproof and resistant to UV rays. Despite being so durable it is very flexible and easy to fold into corners if you are considering an intricate pond design.

Flexiliner 3x2m 15yr – Free Underlay

This is our best ever pondliner offer – saving you 42% off our usual price. This waterproof sheet is highly durable and big enough to create a small pond sized 40cm x 40cm x 30cm deep (figs allow 50cm each way for overlap).

Flexiliner 3x3m 15yr – Free Underlay

This popular pond liner size is perfect for creating a small garden pond. The liner itself is manufactured out of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) which is tearproof, rotproof and UV stabilised. It will provide many years of service once installed and is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a minimum of 15 years. Special Offer –

Flexiliner 4x3m 15yr – Free Underlay

Wow this is the best pond liner deal we have ever put together! We already offer the lowest priced liners in the UK – but now our top value PondXpert pond liners are supplied with FREE matching underlay! Please be quick this offer can’t last!

Flexiliner 4x4m 15yr – Free Underlay

PondXpert Flexiliner is the UK’s top selling liner. Pondkeeper’s love it because it is tough and highly durable yet easy to lay and form into shape. The 4x4m liner (13′ x 13′) is a very popular choice.

Flexiliner 5x4m 15yr – Free Underlay

Popular Pond Liner sized 5 x 4metres (approx 16′ x 13′). These bestselling PondXpert Liners are now supplied with 20sqm of underlay creating a pond building pack that’s ready to go!

Flexiliner 15x15m 15yr – Free Underlay

This large pond liner is 15x15m in size (49’x49′). This is a very large waterproof sheet which is guaranteed for 15 years and can be used to line a pond excavation measuring 12m x 12m x 1m deep (39′ x 39′ x 3′ 3″ deep). If a pond is built with the dimensions specified it

Flexiliner 16x12m 15yr – Free Underlay

This pond liner has the perfect dimensions to make a truly impressive large pond. It measures 16×12 metres (53′ x 39′) and is guaranteed to remain watertight for a minimum of 15 years. A large liner like this can be used to create a pond measuring 13m x 9m x 1m deep (43′ x 30′

Flexiliner 18x12m 15yr – Free Underlay

This limited offer brings down the price of a large liner to levels never seen before. This offer includes a liner sized 18 x 12 metres (59′ x 39′) and a matching amount of underlay (216 square metres). The size and design of pond you can create with this lining is practically limitless. However if

Flexiliner 20x15m 15yr – Free Underlay

A fantastic opportunity to purchase one of our largest pond lining sets at our lowest ever price. This LDPE pond liner is by PondXpert and is guaranteed to remain watertight for a minimum of 15 years. When you purchase this liner 300sqm of PondXpert Basic Underlay will be added to your order free of charge.

Flexiliner 5x5m 15yr – Free Underlay

This is our best ever deal on PondXpert Flexiliner. Already established as the UK’s favourite pond lining this promotion where you receive matching underlay for FREE is our best ever and strictly limited while stocks last. All PondXpert Liners are highly reliable and manufactured out of LDPE

Flexiliner 9x7m 15yr – Free Underlay

This is your chance to buy everything you need to create a really substantial garden pond at an incredibly low price. PondXpert Flexiliners are the bestselling liners in our range as our customers know they are proven to last yet won’t strain your purse strings.