Flexiliner 2x2m 15yr - Free Underlay FL020X020-15F

This super-strong pond liner from PondXpert is manufactured out of LDPE. It is tough and tearproof and resistant to UV rays. Despite being so durable it is very flexible and easy to fold into corners if you are considering an intricate pond design. More »

EasyPond 7000 Pond Pump & Filter Set

A step up on the smaller EasyPond Sets - this system includes the larger PondXpert EasyFilter 9000 pressure filter. More »

Hozelock Aquaforce 6000 Pond Pumps - Free Hose & Clips

Popular Pond Pumps from a top UK brand Now with FREE 40mm Hose (5m) and clips. The Aquaforce 6000 is perfect as a waterfall or filter pump for garden ponds. More »


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Blagdon Affinity Pond – Pillar


Blagdon Affinity Ponds are a unique idea. They enable a raised pond to be created easily – and this ‘Pillar’ model has the smallest ‘footprint’ so will fit almost anywhere – inside or out!They offer a fully self-contained pond in

Laguna Lounging Frog Spitter Kit


Cute pond spitter with ornamental frog and 300lph Laguna pump. A pond spitter is a classic adornment to any garden pond providing amusement, aeration and sound. Be Quick – Once They’re Gone They’re Gone

Laguna Rolling Hippo Spitter Kit


Have fun and oxygenate your pond water at the same time with this entertaining pond spitter from Laguna. In this set you get everything you need including the spitter, a pond pump and 1m of flexible tubing.

Bermuda Grace Water Feature


A living work of art that not only looks great but provides relaxing movement and sound. This is a beautiful figurine cast in bronze-effect poly resin. The Intricate detail carved into the sculpture is delightful and the integral LED Light

Bermuda Play Days Water Feature


This playful scene will raise a warm smile in any situation – garden or indoor. It features a lovingly recreated scene of children playing around a bubbling urn.Scroll down page to see product videoThis super water feature features LED lighting

Blagdon Affinity Pond Pillar – FREE 5w Blagdon UVC


Blagdon Affinity Ponds were launched to great acclaim in 2011. They offer an easy-build fully self-contained pond in a rattan style finish that matches contemporary garden furniture perfectly.This model is new to the range this year – it is the

Bermuda Sarah Ornament + Pondshower 2000 Pond pump


Life-size ornamental statuette (1.65m or 5′ 4″ tall) with matching feature pump.

Bermuda Sophia Pondside Statuette + Pondshower 2000 Pond Pump


Popular “Sophia” statuette with classical poise and matching 2000lph feature pump. Can be positioned either in a pond or ran as a self-contained feature with a reservoir underneath (reservoir not supplied).

Bermuda Joanna Statue + Pondshower 2000 Pond Pump


Beautifully crafted, classically inspired working pond ornament packaged with 2000lph pond pump.

Bermuda Brussels Boy Statue + MightMite 1000 Pond Pump


Our bestselling pond statue can be used in the pond or pondside. Wherever you put him he is always likely to raise a smile!

Bermuda Pan Pipes Statue + MightyMite 1000lph Pond Pump


Popular pondside staue standing 50cm tall. Matching pond pump is 1000lph.

Blagdon Affinity Pond Half Moon


What a great idea. These ponds can be put together in under two hours and look great both indoor or outside. The dark rattan finish is right on trend for the best looking gardens this summer. The kit contains a

Blagdon Affinity Pond Octagon


What a great idea. These ponds can be put together in under two hours and look great both indoor or outside. The dark rattan finish is right on trend for the best looking gardens this summer. The kit contains a

Hozelock Wooden Pond Kit – FREE TripleAction 3000


New for Spring 2013 this wooden pond kit from Hozelock is set to become a firm favourite. Being made out of natural materials the easy-to-assemble wooden frame will blend into any garden. The kit comes complete with an easy-to-fit, made

Blagdon Water Feature Kit


This super kit takes the hassle of getting the correct bits and pieces together when making your own water feature.Spring Special – Save5 Off 2013 Price.It includes the essentials such as a water reservoir and pond pump plus all the

PondXpert Solar Water Feature Bird Bath – Contemporary


We love the design of this water feature. The effect of the water poring into the different platforms is mesmerising while the fact that there are plenty of flat surfaces for birds to drink/bathe means we aren’t the only fans!

PondXpert Triple Tumble Solar Water Feature


This new contempory water feature is sure to be a hit this year. Finished in sandstone it is a joy to view the water as it tumbles between the three ‘bowls’ that make up the major part of this ornamental

Bermuda Flying Frog Pond Spitter


This new pond spitter feature from Bermuda is designed to be positioned pondside. If you attach a pump (1000lph recommended) it will fire a jet of water into the pond. Alternatively, it looks great as a static ornament.

Bermuda Kingfisher Spitter


This realistic pondside ornament looks fantastic – either working as a pondside spitter or simply swaying in the breeze. It stands an impressive 1m tall and will brighten up any garden!

Bermuda Frog Tower


You’d be hopping mad if you missed out on this water feature! A tower of frogs spit several jets of water into the pond to help oxygenate your pond.