Flexiliner 2x2m 15yr - Free Underlay FL020X020-15F

This super-strong pond liner from PondXpert is manufactured out of LDPE. It is tough and tearproof and resistant to UV rays. Despite being so durable it is very flexible and easy to fold into corners if you are considering an intricate pond design. More »

EasyPond 7000 Pond Pump & Filter Set

A step up on the smaller EasyPond Sets - this system includes the larger PondXpert EasyFilter 9000 pressure filter. More »

Hozelock Aquaforce 6000 Pond Pumps - Free Hose & Clips

Popular Pond Pumps from a top UK brand Now with FREE 40mm Hose (5m) and clips. The Aquaforce 6000 is perfect as a waterfall or filter pump for garden ponds. More »


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PondXpert ElectroAir Pump 2100 Plus FREE Accessories Kit


Quality metal-body air-Pump which produces a generous amount of additional oxygen to the pond.

PondXpert ElectroAir Pump 2700 Plus FREE Accessories Kit


As soon as you feel the weight of this air pump you can tell that you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. The steel casing help adds weight to the pump which in turn helps reduce the

Pontec PondoAir 200 Pond Air Pump


This is the first weatherproof air pump that we have ever seen at this low price point. it is brought to the market by Pontec (the budget brand of Oase) so you can be reassured that the quality is good.

Pontec PondoAir 400 Pond Air Pump


This new pond air pump can supply 400 litres of additional oxygen to your pond every hour. The pump is weatherproof (IP44 rated) so can be left pondside in all weathers. Air hose and accessories are included so you can

Pontec PondoAir 900 Air Pump


This new air pump from Pontec will bring much-needed additional oxygen into your pond. It is supplied with everything you need to get started.

Smart Solar Oxygenator Air Pump


Great product – keeps your fish healthy with no running costs. This weatherproof air pump can sit pondside all year long keeping your pond oxygenated.

Blagdon PA1 Pond Air Pump


Create a healthy oxygenated small pond with this bargain economical air-pump (210lph).Perfect for small ponds up to 2500 ltrs (500 gallons). Fish and other pond life require oxygen-rich water to remain healthy. Filter bacteria, essential to the breakdown of ammonia

Blagdon PA2 Pond Air Pump


Create a healthy oxygenated small pond with this bargain economical air-pump (330lph).Perfect for small ponds up to 4500 ltrs (1000 gallons). Fish and other pond life require oxygen-rich water to remain healthy. Filter bacteria, essential to the breakdown of ammonia

PondXpert SolarAir 200 PLUS


This is the most sophisticated solar air pump in the PondXpert Solar range as it has the benefit of battery back-up.When instant oxygen is not required simply switch the unit to back-up and it will charge up the rechargeable batteries

Superfish Air Box 1 – Pond Air Pump


Super idea to save on those precious pennies! Standard air pumps housed in a weatherproof container. This means you can purchase a cheap air pump that can remain outdoors at a really low price.

Superfish Air Box 2 – Pond Air Pump


Fantastic value pond air pump. The air pump itself IS NOT weatherproof but the pack includes a weatherproof container that protects the air pump. This means that your air pump can be positioned right next to your pond.

Superfish Air Box 4 – Pond Air Pump


Weatherproof pond air pumps have never been available at such a low price until now! The clever solution is that this set includes a standard indoor air pump that is housed in a weatherproof container.

Superfish Pond Air Pump Manifold – 6 Way


This 6 way air manifold allows you to use up to 6 air stones or small diffusers from the one pond air pump. The manifold is for use with standard size 4mm pond and aquarium air tube.

Superfish Pond Air Pump Manifold – 12 Way


Super quality air pump manifold at a rock-bottom price. Simply connect airline to each of the 12 controllable tapped outlets. Accepts standard 4/6mm pond air pump airline.

Superfish 4mm Pond Air Pump Airline x 25m


4mm internal diameter / 6mm external diameter. Suitable airline size for the majority of pond air pumps on the market – eg, Hozelock, Blagdon, Tetra, Oase.

Superfish 4mm Pond Air Pump Airline x 50m


Strong, clear 4mm pond air tube (6mm external). Fits most popular pon air pumps

Pond Air Stone 50mm


PondXpert ElectroAir Pump 3600 Plus FREE Accessories Kit


Great opportunity to purchase a professional quality air pump for less than80! This pump produces plenty of additional oxygen for your pond and comes with all of the fittings you need to operate straight from the box. We are currently

PondXpert ElectroAir Pump 4800 Plus FREE Accessories Kit


Weatherproof pond oxygenator able to generate 4800 litres per minute. Super quality at a bargain price – we even include the fittings you need (airline, air stones, manifold) to connect everything up.

PondXpert ElectroAir Pump 6000 Plus FREE Accessories Kit


The PondXpert Air Pump 6000 offers one of the highest airflow rates in the UK market. Despite its power and quality construction we offer this pump at a highly competitive price. You will be impressed by the high standard of