Velda Clear Control 50 Pond Filter 18w UVC + Pondpush Pond Pump 6000

Fantastic new pond filters designed for large ponds and waterfalls. These Clear Control Pond filters are bestsellers in the rest of Europe and now Velda are looking to grow in the UK. A household name on the continent, Velda products are held in the same high regard as brands such as Oase. You may not be familiar with the brand but we have no qualms in recommending Velda.
For ponds up to 20000 Litres (4400 gallons) or highly stocked goldfish ponds of 12000 Litres (2640 gallons).Perhaps the largest capacity and most solidly built pond pressure filters we have ever seen. Due to the high quality of materials used in their manufacture and extra-strong lid clamps these filters can handle higher levels of water pressure – thus able to serve bigger ponds and higher waterfalls.
They are also equipped with a seven-position handle switch which means the filter can be simply turned to Clean position andeffectively cleaned/backwashed without removal of the lid. Dirty water then exits via waste outlet.The other position options include:
• Back wash valve: This position is used to wash away the dirt in the valve
• Pond drain: Used to empty the pond
• Filtration: Standard running position.
• Medicine position: Water runs back into the pond bypassing the filter media.
• Stop: Pump can be cleaned, whereas the water remains inthe filter
• Winter: NEW The extra new position is a winter setting which actually drops the water within the container by about 2 inches and in severe winter conditions it prevents damage to the rubber sealing ring.
Pond Filter matched up with ultra-reliable PondXpert 6000 pond pump.

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