Flexiliner 2x2m 15yr - Free Underlay FL020X020-15F

This super-strong pond liner from PondXpert is manufactured out of LDPE. It is tough and tearproof and resistant to UV rays. Despite being so durable it is very flexible and easy to fold into corners if you are considering an intricate pond design. More »

EasyPond 7000 Pond Pump & Filter Set

A step up on the smaller EasyPond Sets - this system includes the larger PondXpert EasyFilter 9000 pressure filter. More »

Hozelock Aquaforce 6000 Pond Pumps - Free Hose & Clips

Popular Pond Pumps from a top UK brand Now with FREE 40mm Hose (5m) and clips. The Aquaforce 6000 is perfect as a waterfall or filter pump for garden ponds. More »


PondXpert Fish Feeder 5000


This automatic (battery powered – batteries included) fish feeder can be programmed via the LCD display to feed your fish up to six times a day when you are nota vailable to feed them yourself.The large hopper (food chamber) can

Supa Vacation Pond Fish Food Block


Concentrated block of fish food that will supplement the diet of your fish for up to two weeks.

Staple Pellets Pond Food 4kg Tub


This pond food provides a complete diet for all your pond fish. Now available in a handy sized tub. This tub will last you for a couple of months and is resealable to keep the contents fresh.

Staple Pellets Pond Food 10kg


These pond pellets provide all the elements that your pond fish need. This 10kg bulk bag of pond food offers tremendous value for money The 30% protein levels provided by this food will allow your fish to feed and grow

Pond Sticks Pond Food 4kg Tub


Great value pond sticks food – floats on pond surface. New handy tub – resealable Contains high 30% protein for good growth, vitamins and spiralina to promote strong growth and healthy colourful fish. Suitable for all fish types.

Supa Pond Flake Bucket – 10 litre 1.6kg


Pond Flake food is poular as it sits on the pond surface longer encouraging your fish to come to the top. many of our customers use flake as a complementary food to their fish’s staple diet of pellets or sticks.

Supa Pond Flake Bucket – 5 litre 800g


Popular fish food in a re-sealable bucket. Always a favourite pond flake fish food floats longer on the surface of the pond encouraging our fishy friends to the surface.

Natures Grub Shrimp Food 330g – Small


Your fish will love this complimentary food in addition to their usual diet.

Natures Grub Shrimp Food 330g – Large


New from Nature’s Grub are these freeze dried river shrimps.

Natures Grub Koi Treat Mix Food 1kg


This tub contains a mix of food to give your fish a real treat. Contains: – Silkworm Pupae – Dried River Shrimps – Dried Mealworms. Your fish will find it delicious and it is a perfect complimentary food for Koi

Natures Grub Dried Daphnia Food 250g


Freeze dried small aquatic crustaceans commonly called water fleas. Please note that this fish food comes as very fine particles – ideal for young or very small fish. As such it is popular for aquarium fish as well as all

Nishikoi Health Pond Fish Food 5kg


We’re really impressed by this new pond food from Nishikoi. It has been designed to give our fish medicinal benefits as well as satisfying their appetite. As the food is whetgerm based it can be fed throughout the year when

Tetra Variety Sticks Pond Fish Food 4100g


A mix of Tetra pond, koi and wheatgerm sticks. Suitable for all fish.

Tetra Koi Sticks 650g


These sticks contain all of the vitamins and goodness that your fish need.

Tetra Pond Sticks 4.2kg (40 litres)


Tetra pond food has always proved very popular with our customers – and their fish! NEW is this large bulk bag of Tetra floating sticks which will last a small pond all season.

Velda Fish Food Feeding Bottle


This fish feeding bottle provides greater control over distribution when feeding your fish. Don’t let the greediest fish get all of the grub!

Superfish Digital Pond Thermometer


The digital display on this pond thermometer makes it easy to take a reading without having to lift the thermometer out of the pond. Most pond foods and treatments should not be used until the pond becomes ‘active’ at 10

Superfish Solar Pond Thermometer


Many fish foods and pond treatments should not be added to the pond until the water temperature is 10 degrees centigrade or above. Be ready to act when your pond is ready with this floating pond thermometer.

Tetra Koi Sticks 7.5kg


A floating food formulated for the specific needs of koi.

Tetra Koi Sticks 2.35kg


A floating food formulated for the specific needs of koi.